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Gift Box -  4 Packs of Tea Bags - Mateo tea
Gift Box -  4 Packs of Tea Bags - Mateo tea

Gift Box - 4 Packs of Tea Bags

Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 1,099.00

This Raksha Bandhan embrace the brother sister bond with a gift of good health.


Rose Oolong Tea- 

Incredible depth and complexity that attracts many foodies, wine fanatics, and serious tea drinkers.Signature blend of rose petals and oolong tea.

Called the connoisseur's tea, oolong tea attracts a lot of attention because of its deep, complex flavour profile and varied leaf shapes. Our signature blend of rose petals and oolong tea adds a touch of serenity to oolong tea. With a light golden colour as beautiful as adorable as the rose flower rose oolong is an all-time tea overloaded with antioxidants and buckets full of flavour.

Turmeric Majesty-

Turmeric with it's health boosting superpowers. is an age old pillar of the ayurveda . A blend of majestic Indian
spices with green tea gives birth to our
 turmeric majesty.

Ayurveda Glory-

As the name says , this blend celebrates the glory of the Ayurveda. Power packed with ingredients that give a boost to immunity with a refreshing flavour of mint. Carefully handcrafted by our sommeliers , the blend has the goodness of Green Tea , Tulsi , Amla , Ashwagandha , Mint and many more , the blend boasts of it's immunity boosting powers. Enjoy this powerful blend with an ever refreshing flavour of mint.


Hibiscus Green Tea-

Let the bright red colour soothe your eyes before you enjoy it with your palate.A refreshing blend of the tangy hibiscus flower and green tea.

Hibiscus being the main attraction here lives up to its expectations by giving a bright red colour along with a tangy refreshing taste which surely sets this tea apart from its peers. Relish our blend of hibiscus flowers and green tea. With an overload of health benefits the hibiscus green tea is a full package of attraction, taste and health; truly a match made in heaven!


Chamomile Tea-

Chamomile or “Bubane Ka Phal “ herb boasts refreshingly sweet yet relaxing fruity notes. With a colour as soothing as the taste , a cup of chamomile cup is everything you can ask for after a tiring day. Pure , Serene and Simple ; our chamomile tea is completely natural and has no caffeine so that you get all the goodness. Enjoy our 100% natural Chamomile Tisane.

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Totally natural herbs

Frequently Asked Questions

When should we have Rooibos Tea?

Rooibos is a South African herb which is rich in fibre and helps in digestion. Because of it's digestive properties , rooibos is an excellent tea to be had after any meal.

Does Rooibos tea have caffeine?

Our Rooibos blend is 100% caffeine free. It has rooibos herb , orange peel and flowers. It's called a tisane which is a herbal infusion brewed exactly like tea but does not have any caffeine.

How to make Rooibos Tea?

To make chamomile tea , immerse the tea bag in boiling water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes depending upon strength of flavour you want. Take out the tea bag and enjoy your cup of tea.

What is pyramid tea bag?

Pyramid tea bag is a special tea bag used to give the experience of loose leaf tea in a tea bag. It's a spacious tea bag which is in the shape of a pyramid and has good room for the tea to open up completely so that all the flavour notes are exposed and you get  a nice flavour.

Where does Rooibos Tea come from?

Rooibos tea comes from the farms of South Africa. It is a caffeine free herb which is rich in fibre and helps in digestion.

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