Welcome to the Store History!

Tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapours which the head invade, And keeps that palace of the soul serene.

Perfectly defining those words are for every souled Indian or colonial, whose day won’t be complete, if that morning ‘chai’ wouldn’t accommodate some moment of his day. Because that ‘chai’ is not some facade of refreshness, but in actuality tranquilizes all the ‘fasaad’ that makes one restless. Thereby imploring every person to make that one cup of tea renunciate atleast some time of theirs, because of the quality of soothing that the ‘chai’ exuberates.

What's eloquently unique about us?

Similar to diamond that doesn't loose its shine over millennium and millenniums, same is the experience of one with tea, that doesn't age to ennui over time. But as diamond is crafted into several sorts for a rejuvenating thoughts, contextual service of providing varied experience of tea is what we provide at 'Mateo', by revitalizing the tea experience to higher skies.

Who visioned this idea and how?

'Mateo', the explicit vision to reality was excavated and built by Prateek Gulati, aiming to provide the perfect menu of tea for every occasion or sorts to the people, to ensure and gratify further the 'tea time'. In the words of Senõr Prateek 'everthing has a benchmark laid that defines the top notch strata of that thing or service. For gold its hallmark, for management its IIM, for food its gourmet. Why leave tea behind? But not by laying standards for tea, but by crafting the tea time for every time in the clock, for every occasion in your calender, for every chore in your routine. That's what the founding heart of ' Mateo' - to make tea special for your every special'.
Whether it be going to gym, calling home friends, playing situations to feel either royal, nostalgic or travelling places of the world without actually travelling, we have tea for you for every moment of yours depending upon its theme or time. If one wants to have matching outfits for matching occasion, we do the same for tea and make no shortcuts in quality or assurity. Having our supplies drafted and transported from every part of subcontinent to its neighbours, we ensure that we dont miss a touch in the tea's clutch.